Yoga for neck pain :- This session is designed for those suffering from acute to chronic neck pain, stiffness or spasms, (suitable for muscle, nerve or disc related conditions). The more common sites of osteoarthritic involvement of the cervical spine are C5 through C7. The sessions aim to relax, stretch and strengthen the spinal support muscles, reduce pain, and increase blood circulation to aid the healing proces, decompress and correct misalignments of the spine.

Yoga for back pain :- This session is designed for those suffering from acute to chronic back pain, stiffness or spasms, (suitable for muscle, nerve or disc related conditions). The most common site of involvement is L3 to L5, although vertebral osteophytes may occur at any level. Loss of the lumbar lordosis, pain with extension, and paraspinal muscle spasm are typical findings. The sessions aim to relax, stretch and strengthen the spinal support muscles, reduce pain, and increase blood circulation to aid the healing process, decompress and correct misalignments of the spine.

Yoga for arthritis :- A gentle, friendly class to aid, stiffness, swelling, pain & weakness in your mobile joints. In this class a series of anti-rheumatic exercises will be explained and taught to you. This group of asanas is very gentle, and works to loosen and rotate all the major joints in the body. It is especially recommended when vigorous physical exercise is curtailed. This practice is followed by a short relaxation practice.

Yoga for Heart disease & Hypertension :- Fifty years ago, high blood pressure and heart disease were relatively uncommon conditions. Today high blood pressure or hypertension and coronary heart diseases have become more than just a chronic complaint. It has become a way of life dependent on regular medication and visits to doctors for routine checkups. These cardiac problems, which are the diseases of affluent society, are posing great challenges to the medical world. It's always worth looking for new methods for treating a disease that's as widespread and serious as heart disease. The best way to look at those ideas is to assess them in clinical trials, so that there are a number of complementary and alternative methods and Yoga is one of them.This Session filled with a combination of breathing practices, asanas (postures), sound and resonance techniques and relaxation to lower your BP.

Yoga for Asthma :- Finding it difficult to breathe? The session is suitable for those who have any respiratory related conditions, including asthma, bronchitis, nasal allergies and many more. A wide range of yoga techniques to help correct wrong breathing patterns, improve lung functioning and help you learn techniques to relax.

Yoga for Diabetes :- Diabetes is metabolic disorder where there is a defect in utilization of sugar by the body. To keep the blood sugar in control it is very necessary for a person to have proper check on his diet, regular intake of drugs, regular blood sugar level check and proper exercise. Align yoga tries to stop unnecessary activities of the body (save energy) and concentrate completely on the affected part. Postures act on the body with the help of musculo-skeletal system. Diabetes cannot be cured completely; but with the help of yoga blood sugar level is kept in control, with the available insulin and that helps in avoiding further effects of diabetes.

Yoga for Digestive disorders :- Many ailments of the digestive system, starting from mouth to rectum are traceable to stress and modern lifestyle. A stressful erratic life style with suppressed negative emotions, unexpressed fears and wrong habits of eating, sleeping, drinking, smoking etc., over long periods, can permanently disturb the balance resulting in common ailments like repeated mouth ulcers, hyperacidity, peptic ulcer, irritable bowel syndrome, ulcerative colitis etc.

Yoga for Pregnancy :- Pregnancy & childbirth are privileged functions of women, essential for the survival of our species. Motherhood brings in lot of responsibilities towards yourself and the unborn. Your responsibilities start from the day you get pregnant. Regular yoga during pregnancy can benefit a pregnant woman. The discomfort and fatigue can be combated. If you do permissible amount yoga during pregnancy, the labor is much easier and recovery is faster too.

Yoga for Children :- As children grow and become pre-teens & teens, the regular physical and mental discipline that the practice of yoga offers helps to channel emotional energies in a positive manner. Adolescents maintain a greater sense of inner strength and have healthy alternative strategies to deal with anger and inappropriate urges. I make yoga classes for preteens and teens physically challenging, but when I ask why they enjoy yoga, the most frequent response is, "It's relaxing". "It's fun."

Yoga for Obesity :- This class is filled with fun, dynamic, weight-bearing exercises, stretches and poses to work each and every part of your body, techniques to help your metabolism and digestion, and as a whole to aid you in body fat management! No need to run for miles to burn fat - try yoga!

Yoga for Stress disorders :- Want to cope, reduce or prevent prolonged stress/tension? These sessions are filled with 1 minute to 20 minute practices to help you in your day-to-day life and relieve physical and muscular tensions to mental and emotional ones.

Yoga for Corporate :- Work is a necessity in our lives. It is better to make the best of the responsibility imposed upon us. Most of us are locked up for hours inside the office or are hooked to computers in our cubicles. Hence, physical ailments, stiffness of various muscles in the body and mental fatigue gradually make their existence, transforming our lives into a complete hell. Stress and strain of odd working hours along with sedentary life style takes its toll on health. Many of the life style diseases progress silently without alarming one of the imminent risks like Obesity, Diabetes, Heart conditions, High Cholesterol, Backache, Cervical, etc. Various factors like sitting posture, multi tasking, long working hours on computer, talking on phone while typing, irregular eating habits, rigorous travel, night shifts/ odd working hours etc. brings lot of health hazards.

Unlike other exercise routines Yoga is low impact, improves strength and flexibility, builds concentration, and reduces mental and physical stress and tension. In addition, yoga is known to eradicate fatigue and generate energy, all of which lead to increased productivity and morale - perfect for the corporate environment.

Align fitness :- A good yoga program is essential to maintain the basic health of the body. Such a program consists not of many different practices, but of a few simple techniques which can help to mobilize the body, which can help to stimulate the dormant areas, nerve centers and energy centers of the body. When these practices are performed regularly, you will become free of physical tension.

Things to bring

  • Please bring a comfortable Yoga Mat.
  • Blanket or throw to cover you up during relaxation.
  • Bottle of water and towel to wipe for yourself.

Client Quote

"I had such an amazing result with my frozen shoulder; truly want to thank you for how much care, organization, thoughtfulness, and dedication you put into each and every aspect of the class. It was incredibly cohesive and holistic. (Kumar Kanade, Chiplun)


Coming to Align Yoga class has been one of the best things I have ever done for myself. (Omkar Redij, Chiplun)

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