(V.V.Naik, Pune)
Your guidance for my neck pain with different props helped me to expand my own experience deeply while I was there and now that I am home. For this I am so grateful.

(Mrs. Sunetra Kukade, Pune)
Uplifting and nurturing, physically and mentally..I'm glad I made the right choice in finding an instructor who is skilled, versatile and connects with the participants.

(Lata Upadhye, Thane)
I feel like I've gone through a lot of change in a very short period of time and sometimes it's a bit unsettling. But I am becoming reacquainted with myself and with joy and I have Parag to thank.

(Vani, Bangalore)
Parag is a very talented, sensitive teacher and I highly recommended him to teach Yoga therapy.

(Dr. Rajashri Soman, BAMS Chiplun)
I have referred my patients to Parag because he has a clear understanding of human anatomy and how yoga can benefit a practitioner - despite age, body or physical challenges

(Kumar Kanade, Chiplun)
"I had such an amazing result with my frozen shoulder; truly want to thank you for how much care, organization, thoughtfulness, and dedication you put into each and every aspect of the class. It was incredibly cohesive and holistic."

(Smt. Lele, Guhagar)
The yoga within the class was personally challenging for me as a novice who had not attended even a single yoga class before. I felt encouraged, supported, and invited to participate at my own comfort level.

(Omkar Redij, Chiplun)
Coming to Align Yoga class has been one of the best things I have ever done for myself.

(Mrs. Sunanda Pingale, Mahad)
I have been taking therapeutic yoga from Parag for four months. I have arthritis in both knees. He has instructed me in ways to develop much needed strength in my core muscles and to reduce my severe pain in knees. His knowledge of human anatomy and physiology is such an asset to him in helping his patients to benefit from their workout despite limitations.

(Ravi Karandikar, Chiplun)
With continuous sitting in office and sometimes driving for long journey caused me stiffness and pain in lower back. But after practicing Align yoga therapy now I am rid off with all pain and can do my work more efficiently.


Yoga for Corporate

Work is a necessity in our lives. It is better to make the best of the responsibility imposed upon us. Most of us are locked up for hours inside the office or are hooked to computers in our cubicles. Hence, physical ailments, stiffness of various muscles in the body and mental fatigue gradually make their existence, transforming our lives into a complete hell. Stress and strain of odd working hours along with sedentary life style takes its toll on health. Many of the life style diseases progress silently without alarming one of the imminent risks like Obesity, Diabetes, Heart conditions, High Cholesterol, Backache, Cervical, etc. Various factors like sitting posture, multi tasking, long working hours on computer, talking on phone while typing, irregular eating habits, rigorous travel, night shifts/ odd working hours etc. brings lot of health hazards.

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